Software Engineer


No. 1 Service Marketplace in Indonesia


Want to work for an exciting, fun, and fast-growing start-up?

We are looking for exceptional people to help us grow our company into Asia’s next biggest thing! If you are smart, hard-working, and ambitious, this could be your opportunity to shine!

Seekmi is the premiere Service Marketplace in Asia. We help simplify the way people find local service providers such as fitness instructors, handymen, language tutors, and more. Seekmi is part of the prominent EMTEK Group, Indonesia’s largest and most successful media holding group, which runs SCTV, Indosiar,, and more.

We are looking for a Software Engineer based in Jakarta to start immediately.

The Role

As a Software Engineer at Seekmi, you’ll be responsible for bringing the Seekmi vision to life. That means discovering, researching, and implementing anything that moves us towards our vision in collaboration with the engineering team, designers, product managers, and the rest of Seekmi. This may mean scaling product features and infrastructure to support a fast-growing user base, building internal tools to give us insight into Seekmi ecosystem, iterating on the core mechanics of the marketplace, or exploring and prototyping any number of new and compelling ideas. In any case, as a software engineer, it always means managing complexity through thoughtful software design to ensure we can grow and scale our product without sacrificing development speed or quality.

We expect you to be excited by Seekmi’s mission to transform the local services economy, making it more efficient and useful for both sides of the marketplace. We deeply believe in the transformative power of technology in the services industry.

Our engineering process values ownership and individual contribution within a collaborative environment. To this end, you will have significant autonomy in choosing the kinds of projects you undertake. We expect you to take a deliberate and thoughtful approach to your decision-making while also exercising great freedom and creativity. We hope that you’ll enjoy crafting sentences and paragraphs as much as you enjoy crafting methods and classes.

Experience, Skills and Attributes

  • Experience working within a distributed systems architecture
  • You’re comfortable working with a variety of technologies (we use a mix of PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, and AngularJS).
  • You appreciate a good statistical analysis and the power of data-driven decisions, and you might like running A/B tests
  • You’re excited about the code you write, and work hard to make it maintainable for your future self as well as your colleagues on the engineering team
  • You like finding interesting problems in the world, then tackling them head on with dedication and creativity
  • You are comfortable expressing yourself with written and verbal communication
  • You like talking and engaging with users to help them express their needs in ways that can be used as feedback for future iterations of the product
  • You’re not one to pick up a hammer then look for nails, though you do like finding new hammers.

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