Marketing & Sales Manager


No. 1 Service Marketplace in Indonesia

About Seekmi

Seekmi is the #1 Home & Office Care Service App in Indonesia, helping Indonesians with their laundry, cleaning, AC repairs, and more. We are changing the way people find and book services home care services and we have many exciting projects in the pipeline, setting 2018 to be a very thrilling year. We are looking for an incredibly talented person to innovate, drive employee engagement, deliver the best customer experience, and optimize performance as we aggressively scale.



  • Develop strategic partnership for referencing, credibility and alliances.
  • Help manage third-party relationships (other agencies, etc.)
  • Ensure the product is competitive, complete, clean and timely.
  • Creating annual/bi-annual strategic and tactical marketing plan.

Research & Information

  • Conduct and analyze market research to determine risk and marketability of product and features. Supply information to appropriate personnel within departments (e.g. Head of Technology in terms of features and user experience, etc).
  • Responsible for competitive analysis, strategies and tactics.
  • Measure effectiveness of the marketing department and implement improvements.

Product, Direction, and Competition

  • Determine market needs and generate product requirements and definition for development.
  • Responsible for the product(s), brand, positioning, delivering, and definition.
  • Work with Product & IT Team to ensure production of appropriate features, collaterals, sales, educational and merchandising materials.

Management, PR, & Advertising

  • Create and maintain annual marketing budget.
  • Lead and manage the following responsibilities: 1) Online/Digital Marketing, 2) Direct Marketing, 3) PR, 4) Advertising, 5) Product Management, and 6) Event/Offline Marketing.
  • Generate a comprehensive quarterly and annual marketing report.
  • Ensure the proper amount and type of coverage to raise awareness, win reviews and ensure consistent corporate, product branding and image.
  • Work with other (third) parties (e.g. Agency) to create the media schedule, negotiate the rates, prepare the deliverables and execute. Follow-up and measure the advertising campaign using print and online methods.

Direct, Online Marketing & Strategic Partnership & Alliances

  • Ensure we have substantial qualified leads for direct sales. These can be gathered through direct mail campaigns, offline events, the Web site, and qualified list acquisition.
  • Working closely with IT & Product Department to ensure a professional, inviting web site employing the latest technology to encourage initial and repeat visits.
  • Help initiate and execute an entire online strategic marketing plan.
  • Participate in creating strategic partnerships, alliances and bundles that ensures Seekmi is highly visible and properly positioned and referenced.


  • Bachelor’s Degree from a top University with a minimum GPA of 3.5
  • International work experience highly preferred
  • Strong analytical thinking, mathematical abilities, and can-do attitude
  • Experience in a minimum of 3 years in a marketing role and a minimum of 1 year in a managing role
  • Strong interpersonal skill
  • Ability to work effectively in a high volume, deadline driven, fast-paced environment
  • Self-starter with the ability to handle multiple projects and deadlines
  • Demonstrated strong written and oral communication skills, and presentation skills
  • Strong problem solving skills and a natural talent for understanding and responding to clients needs
  • An overall positive and happy attitude.
  • A belief in helping small businesses grow across Indonesia